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Hayaat Group works across the real estate sector, from developments to investments, asset management, structuring and capital management. The group’s real estate practice is managed by a veteran leadership team, with experience in European, Middle East and African markets.

We have expertise in identifying, funding, and developing real estate assets. Investments focus on, but are not limited to: Project development, structuring transactions, committing and arranging equity and debt capital, property acquisition and managing yields.

Hayaat Group is an award-winning, innovative and sustainable real estate developer active in the residential and commercial sectors. The group has a reputation for excellence, with a broad depth of experience, ranging from bespoke individual schemes to complex multi-million dollar projects in partnership with the public sector. Over the last 18 years, the group has successfully developed and exited more than 25 projects.




Showcase: The Green, Sustainable student village (SSV)
Location: On campus, University of Bradford (UoB), UK
Location: 2010

Hayaat Group was invited by the University of Bradford to develop The Green, an ambitious 1,026-bed on-campus sustainable residential complex. The result was the UK’s largest single-phase development of bed spaces ever attempted, completed in a record timeline of just 84 weeks following the purchase of more than 20 acres of land in Bradford City Centre by the group. The project was delivered on a very tight budget, and on time, despite an economic downturn that brought many of the UK’s major developments to a halt.

The Green remains a flagship project for the Hayaat Group, winning multiple awards for building sustainability, and, ensuring our status as a key player in the £750million development of the Learning Quarter in Bradford City Centre, in partnership with Bradford Council. Among its many accolades, The Green was the first multi-residential building in the UK to achieve the BREEAM sustainability assessor “outstanding” rating, as well as the body’s highest ever score of 95.05%. It is now seen as the benchmark in sustainable construction.


Hayaat Group owns an extensive and diversified property portfolio of more than 70 properties. Present across the globe including UAE, England, Turkey, and Pakistan, the group has assets in world class projects in London, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We actively deploy, manage and maintain these properties for enhanced yields and capital growth.




Showcase: Nurai beach estate
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Location: 2008

Inspired by the Arabic word ‘noor’ meaning ‘light’ – Nurai Island is a private island of exclusive residences with an ultra luxury resort. Abu Dhabi’s most exclusive address, Nurai is situated in the clear waters of the Arabian Gulf, and the community has been designed to provide residents with bespoke homes on generous plots of land, panoramic sea views and the utmost level of privacy. Nurai offers a limited number of breathtaking beach estates and water villas, and a single, world-class, boutique retreat.

Hayaat Group was an early investor in the scheme and owns one of the 28 beach estate properties on the island. The property has been tastefully furnished and impeccably managed by the group since delivery. It has now been leased back to the developer to form part of the Zaya Nurai resort and Hotel and has hosted several international celebrities and royal family members.

Zaya Nurai offers the ultimate in relaxation, with cuisine options including fine dining restaurants and casual eateries, as well as a luxury spa to provide the ultimate, immersive experience.


Our real estate asset management practice has a particular focus on yield enhancement opportunities. The group has a track record of partnering with public and private sector entities, and, a history of managing built assets in challenging market conditions. The group's aim is to source, create, fund and package both completed and under development real estate investments. We actively work with co-investors to commit and arrange equity and debt capital; structure real estate transactions, acquiring properties, and, manage property yields as the senior co-investment partner.




Showcase: Mulitani and QSS; expat housing and support services
Location: Pemba and Tete, Mozambique
Location: 2011

Hayaat Group's early identification of East Africa’s rise led to its investment in Mozambique. The frontier market was emerging as a key mining and exploration destination that attracted major companies and expats from across the globe. The group zeroed-in on a unique opportunity to develop corporate housing and lifecycle support services for expat professionals in the region, entering into a joint venture with an Africa-focused fund, to develop and manage premium compounds in two locations: Pemba and Tete.

We developed an on-ground presence, negotiated land acquisition, designed, funded, developed and managed the developments. The two large serviced accommodation compounds, which feature luxury apartments, were built to superior South African construction standards, with onsite catering, restaurants, swimming pools and bars. Hayaat Group attracted high profile multinational tenants, including Barlow World, Halliburton and Anadarko, and, managed the properties until exit.


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